Im Brian Oswald, my Father had a Panel Shop in Morley W.A. for 35 years.

I worked there for about 20 years and later moved on to the Technical side of Automotive Refinishing.

Growing up in the family business in the Panel & Paint trade I can now share my experience with you and answer any questions that you might like to know.

With the help of Toughseal Australasia based in Melbourne, I'm glad there is a product that not only looks good, but has all the components  and back up to help understand why it doesn't  cost more, than you need.

With advanced certificates in Automotive Refinishing.

Toughseal West Australian Distributor.

Toughseal Master Applicator / Training / Technical Support.


Product Knowledge 

Acrylic Resins  is a group of related thermoplastics

Wax is made from Animal or Vegetable and any Other, that has a fat content.

Silicon comes from the earths crust from sand, minerals ect.          

Glass is made from Silicon.

Ceramic is made from Silicon.

Silica is Silicon mixed with Oxygen   ( SiO2 )

Silicate a compound containing Silicon bearing Anion ( ion )

Anion is an Atom or Molecule

Polymer is a substance with a molecular structure, formed from many identical small molecules bonded together ( some people think its a polish )

Nylon is a 'class' of Polymer.

Carnauba is the Fat extract from the Brazilian Carnauba Palm ( Copernicia Cerifera )

Car Wash contains Sodium from fatty acid salts.( some can strip the polish from your car )



 To Brian Oswald @ NoWax 

Thanks so much, for you honesty and knowledge on Paint Protection.

I've read all the other web pages and yours is basic and no hidden small print. 

You have true pictures and the most cars than any one else in the field.

You have more technical knowledge and coming from a spray painting background you know you stuff.

I'm glad we met and the best part was that you come to our place and I don't have leave my new car, waiting for it to be done. 

Fell free to upload this letter, its a pleasure to meet someone who knows their trade.

Cheers and thanks,

Geoff and Sandra McKennsey 


Hi Brian

Thank you so much for your support when I was buying my new Honda.

You made me realise there are Paint Protection's and there is Toughseal.

My car looks fantastic, far better now than when I first drove it out of the dealership.

You saved me well over $1000, and that is a lot of money to save.

I can put that towards my insurance, and maybe a few pair of shoes lol

Thanks Brian, will tell anyone I hear who is buying a new car to ring you first.

Kind Regards
Bev Martin

Dear Brian at nowax,
I am so pleased with the shine on my new car, you were very help full and the girls at the golf club are envious because
they payed a lot more for there paint protection, my husband washed it for the first time yesterday, and he was pleased
with the shine.
One of the girls has got the same car and I try to park it next to hers, I get the edge on her before we tee off.
I won on the day.
Best wishes
Mrs K Mills


 Hi Brian
Saw you on the freeway today, your ute looked good in the morning sun ( not as good as mine )
I was in the truck coming down the Joondalup ramp, I couldn't catch up. must be that shine ( goes quicker )
Hey the missus picks up the new SS tomorrow, so we will get you to put that toughseal on her ( the car not the missus )
Check out my ute when you come over it still looks fab, been 2 years now.
Put this email on your web page and say Kev the truckie recommends you and that toughseal anyday.
Might get you to buff the truck up one day as well.
Thanks dude
on Friday, Julie has the day off, so can you book it in.. if your there early I will wait for you.


  To whom it may concern

  I met Brian Oswald at a car show, he was telling me about a product that you never have to wax your car ever again.
  I thought here is another product on the market, and I have used most of the best.
  Brian came to our Peugeot Car Club, and gave a demonstration.
  His knowledge in automotive refinishing and products were outstanding.
  I was so impressed I had my car done and it lived up to its name, its been over 5 years now and if I have a question I can ring Brian, he said ring anytime.
  I recommend Brian and Toughseal to anyone who needs a true professional.
  Lindsay Johnson
  Peugeot Car Club WA
Its now been about 12 years and Lindsay has had his second car done in Toughseal 2017
  Dear Brian, you can put this on your web page (via email )

I was shopping around for Paint Protection for my new VW Golf after the dealership tried to quote me over $2,000 plus another $800 for tinted windows.

I looked at every web page and took me days to work out who is who in this trade

When I spoke to Brian Oswald from Toughseal he put me on the right track and he could answer every question, I recon he knew more about the opposition than they knew about there's.

When he said Toughseal will make my new VW look better than show room shine I thought it must be a good polish protection.

 He was so right, and reasonably priced, he was on time and I will recommend his business to anyone who is buying a new car.

Plus I saved heaps of valuable Dollars

 Thanks Brian, have a nice day.

 Chrissy from Clarkson.