Protect Your Investments with Toughseal Paint Protection and Toughseal Interior Leather/Vinyl/Fabric Protection.

  Its proven a Clean Shiny Surface will give your new RV less drag and better fuel economy with a Toughseal Protection.

 No more waxing as Toughseal comes with its unique Acrylic Wash System that will give your RV an added shine.

 A few caps of Toughseal Wash in 4 litres of WARM water will be sufficient  to clean your vehicles, do it regular 

 and the shine will keep coming back again and again.. Using a soft micro type mop and Not a house broom for best results.

 Our Dry Wash & Shine is another protection and removes stubborn stains & bird droppings.

 With our 12 year achievement award in 2016 we are miles ahead of the others.

 How about the Tow Vehicle ? Get that Protected and your going to stand out from the pack !!!

 Happy Travels :)