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Why chose Toughseal above the others.

 Toughseal has a 16 year track record without any claims Australia wide in all States, City and Rural area's, with over 85,000 vehicles under warranty. We are proud of that.

Toughseal Acrylic Resins are specially designed and manufactured for Australia's harsh conditions, with added 4 UV protection.

Glass and Ceramic products are silicon base Si02 ,They only give 3 years or 5 year warranty with usually yearly inspections that's how you get life time warranty and extra costs, they are the new players in the field.

Toughseal is a Once Only Application with No Annual inspections, with a written 200,000 kilometre warranty It will last longer. Our Unique formula is miles ahead of the others with our 16 year no claims makes us the best possible protection specialist for your vehicles.

Toughseal Elastisity Resins and Nano Technology means its always moving in all temperatures.

I have more technical information, more pictures and experience in Automotive Refinishing than anyone in this field.

Brian Oswald. owner of domain names               Mobile Service Perth to Mandurah in the comfort of your home.


Hello I'm Brian Oswald owner of NoWax I deal direct with the manufactures so I can keep my costs low, which make me very competitive. 

This is not a franchise. You deal direct with me, on a one on one personal service. West Australia.

16 Years later and I have 100% client satisfaction.. Vehicles that Shine & Protected with Award Winning Show Cars, Private Estates, Garages that You can only dream of ! My Neighbours, My Friends, AND YOU.

Cars- Boats -Bikes- Trikes- Caravans- Trucks-  RV's -Air Crafts- Hot Rods- Show Cars -Limousines- Daily Rides, I have personally done them all.

Any Painted Surface, Is a Toughseal Extremity. by & #WeShineRides 

Enjoy the ride :)


Deal Direct with TOUGHSEAL and Save up to 65% to 73% on Car Dealership Prices.

We Start From $545 for Your Average New Vehicle, And comes with our 200,000 kilometre Limited Lifetime Written Warranty.

I DO All the Vehicles Myself (we don't send cars out to get extra markups like the dealerships).

I have over 38 Years Experience in Automotive Refinishing, Spray Painting, Technical Training.

* We Shine We Protect.* Do It Once Do It Well.* Deal Direct and Save.* 100% Client Satisfaction.

 *12 Year Achievement Award in West Australia. 2016 as Master Applicator, for Toughseal Australasia.  


                  Introducing the Revolutionary Paint, Leather & Fabric Protection.

Toughseal is a 2 part process that gives you car - bike- boat- caravan RV-  the Wow shine. Unlike most wax and silicon products that break down under the suns UV rays Toughseal is actual enhanced by the sun. Made from an acrylic base with PTFE suspended in the formula, the elasticity effect means it will stay on your car and not melt away. Protected from Ultra Violet Rays, Fading, Acid Rain, Peeling, Frost, Tree Sap, Insect Acid, Bird Droppings, Oxidation, Petrol & Diesel Fumes.

Once Toughseal is applied you will never have to polish your car again, all is required is to use its very own Wash & Gloss to enhance the shine every time its cleaned. You will get a high gloss protected surface that actually gives you a better fuel economy, less drag and a shine that lasts for years to come !

Toughseal has 4 UV block additives in the formula, 2  were especially added for the Australian sunshine being so severe. That's why Toughseal lasts longer than any other product.

Once Toughseal has been applied by our Highly Trained Approved Applicator, all is required is a regular wash using Toughseal's unique Acrylic Wash System ( free with every application ).

Toughseal is Spray Painter Friendly, it can be painted over with NO contamination. 

Toughseal is a Once Only Application, but can be re-applied for the elite car enthusiast.

Toughseal is used all over Australia in all Capital Citys - Rural Areas - And the Bush. From Show Cars to Your Car and the Truck.

Toughseal is a Tough Seal..... Acryloplexin Nanoplate 

Toughseal Car Shampoo is also designed for Australian harsh conditions with UV additives, people love it,...YOUR normal car wash is full of salt and wax...iFact

We Shine We Protect We become Friends.

Ring Me Any Time / Day, I can answer all your questions Brian Oswald 0417093 866 (7am 7pm 7 days ) a phone call is easier than txt. 


New Vehicle Program

Toughseal Acryloplexin Nanoplate... Paint, Leather & Fabric Protection Program.

Small to Medium Vehicles

Exterior Protection--------------------------------- $545

Interior Protection ( Leather & Fabric )------$150

Total                                                                   $695

Larger & 4x4's

Exterior Protection--------------------------------- $595

Interior Protection----------------------------------$170

Total                                                                 $ 765

Every Application comes with Toughseal after care products.

to maintain your protection & shine....( no need to shop for wash n wax )

"Never Wax Your Car Again"

A Once Only Application is Required !!!





With Toughseal Caravan Surface Protection applied you will get less drag and better fuel economy.

Fuel is not cheap so another way to save a few dollars and also,Protect Your Investments

Prices varies to size and age.

New CARAVANS / RV'S ( average size 24-26 foot )          $900

and comes with our special acrylic van wash and 3 year warranty. ( but will last longer if you look after it, average van costs 90-120k )

Call Brian to ask any questions 7 days 7am to 7pm 0417 093 866  I'm here to help and save you. 



Second Hand Vehicle Program If you have a classic ride or just going to sell it. Im your man.

4 Stage Paint Correction ( buff, clay block , swirls and scratches removed & coated in Toughseal )... POA $ 650 - $800


Buff Glaze............................................$200 - $300

Swirl Removal......................................$250 - $350

Dull / Faded Paint ............................... $250 - $350

Cars - Bikes - Boats - Caravans - Air Crafts.

Please Ring For Pricing 0417 093 866 any time any day. 

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